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commercial cleaning in billings

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We work days, we work nights, and we respond quickly. Specializing in restaurant and office cleaning, we are here to make your space look new. Recently move buildings and need a clean up? Been putting off that hood cleaning? Need your floor serviced and shined? Our team is professional and fast! 

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      Restaurant & Hospital
      hood cleaning

      How often should you get your hood cleaned? If you haven't asked this question before, it's probably time and we are here to help. We provide top care for our customers, making sure their kitchens are within safety standards and cleaned on schedule. Certified by the National Fire Protection Agency, you don't have to worry about a hood fire. We'll handle your hood cleaning overnight, guaranteeing quality clean and safety for your space.

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      Professional after hours cleaning for office spaces, restaurants, and bars. Our team will clean every surface thoroughly and quickly. Return the next day to a clean space, and let us handle the rest.

            Tired of looking at that scratched floor? Our professional floor services will restore your floor to look like new. Our experienced team will strip to the original flooring, wax it, buff it to look like new.

              After a construction project or big move, there can be a big mess. We will come move furniture, toss debree, clean up sawdust and scraps. Your space will be back to normal in no time.

                    Dennis Limberhand


                    Lifelong Billings Resident, Dennis knows his way around. He is an entrepreneur, father, and grandfather. He has over 15 year experience in the industry, and isn't afraid to tackle any mess.

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